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Napoleon roads and Peninsula wine tour

In search of a lost era...
The history of the modern Croatian state begins with the arrival of Napoleon`s troops to the territory which is presently Croatia.

Besides Napoleon, the major figure was Marshall Marmont. Marshall Marmont was impressed with Croatia and the Croatian people. He becomes close friends with Šime Starčević. Starčević was a highly educated priest, and spoke French.

After the Republic of Dubrovnik was abolished in 1806, by Napoleon’s decree, Marmont`s troops began construction of the road over the Pelješac Peninsula. This road, to this day, bears the original name, Napoleon`s Road.

In the year 1806, Napoleon demanded from Marmont, that he build an observation fort on the Island of Lokrum. This fortress was meant to protect Dubrovnik from peril.

The Island of Lokrum is a forested nature reserve today, and is also home to the Benedictine Monastery dating back to the 11th century, as well as the impressive fortress, Fort Royal. Lokrum is one of the most beautiful islands in the Dubrovnik archipelago.

During Napoleon`s campaign, his soldiers also constructed a road spanning across the Island of Korčula, northwest of Dubrovnik.

The Island of Korčula is also known as the birth place of the great explorer, Marko Polo. His family home is still there, and descendants of the Polo family still live on the island.

An excursion to the island of Korčula is a wonderful opportunity to see the old Napoleon`s roads, the family home of Marko Polo, and to visit the city treasury, which also houses paintings of Leonardo da Vinci and Jacobo Tintoretto.

This tour is especially appealing to nature lovers as it also offers exquisite views of the numerous Dalmatian islands.

This excursion includes an extensive tour of the city of Korčula with a licensed local guide, a hearty Dalmatian lunch in the old city center, and top-notch quality local wine. On the return trip to Dubrovnik, we will enjoy wine tasting at the local winery owned by the Rosso family.

Our second stop will be at the oyster farm in Mali Ston, where you can partake in oyster tasting in the local tavern Stagnum. An opportunity to walk on the medieval walls encircling the town will return you to the times of a long-gone past.

Our tour ends with a panoramic view of Elaphite islands.

After a short rest, we will enjoy dinner with traditional music in the Nostromo Tavern, overlooking Dubrovnik’s city harbor.

Lastly, in memory of a great warrior and the tradition of drinking champagne before heading off to battle, and in honor of his great friendship with Moet et Chandon, we will take advantage of this opportunity to drink a toast before dinner with this exquisite, widely-known bubbly.

In the end, you will have had nothing short of a wonderful, memorable day.

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